Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

458. LCD Soundsystem – “LCD Soundsystem”

You’ve probably picked up that I only make very occasional
excursions into dance-floor targeted acts.

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem was hard to ignore with this debut.

The Daft Punk is Playing… single was (and still is) delightfully infectious, as well as being the perfect party invitation:

That song and this whole double album showcase a playful and daring
approach to a raft of different musical styles. Murphy is clearly a
complete music geek. Losing My Edge manages to
namecheck more seminal acts and epochs than should be possible in 7

I love Murphy’s laconic, nasal chatter-as-vocal and the
smattering of garage rock elements amongst the stomping blips and

He is not afraid to explore a more melancholy side, with downbeat tracks that out-Eel The Eels , such as Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up.

This mix and mash of styles and sounds is both unique and worthy of Murphy’s claim to a Movement.

File under: Languid Crafty Display