Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

459. Le Tigre – “Le Tigre”

In a perfect world this band might be some tribute to Canadian hair-rock giants Glass Tiger (maybe by some Québécois?).

Of course it isn’t.  Instead it is the debut from the first ladies of the electrotrash riot grrl genre.

This had the potential to be a painful, overly indulgent exercise in nostalgia for some Blondie-esque New Wave reversion.

Thankfully this trio is to clever and talented to fall for such gimmickry.  Instead they manage to tap into the energy and excitement of the era, while still constructing an album that bears up to repeated lessons.

The upbeat, tinny, multi-vocalled tracks have a punky vitality mixed with dance-floor friendliness (there’re hints of the non-rappy stuff from the Beastie Boys).

More distinct is the combination of unashamedly arty topics (e.g. What’s Yr Take On Cassavetes, Slideshow At Free University), and also hardcore feminist homages. The name-checking on Hot Topic makes up for that gender-studies course you forgot to take.

I’m impressed by this album to the extent that it could have been very grating in its knowing tweeness (think Architecture in Helsinki), but they managed to pull it off. Sort of like Glass Tiger…

File under: Earned their stripes