463. Ben Lee – “Something to Remember Me By”

As John Hughes demonstrated in his classic teen flicks, those couple of years from a 16 to 18 years of age can be truly formative and transformative for all.

Album cover Ben Lee something to remember me by Australian Aussie version CD reviewBenny Lee’s second album (recorded around his 18th birthday) is a case in point.  The leap from his debut is substantial.

He sticks to the acoustic strumming while chronicling of his mix of adolescent ‘dramas’, and encounters with celebrities (he does appear to have had a Ferris Bueller-like ability to wangle his way into the centre of everything).

The cockiness of the debut is now much more justified as he has developed a passable voice and a diversity of styles that showcases his strong songwriting.

Now there are at least six or seven highly memorable tracks, with catchy melodies and neat takes on relatively clichéd topics (e.g. End of the World).

His ‘love/lust’ songs are wonderfully John-Hughes-ish, in their rosiness and plotlines:

In some ways, Lee was a good decade ahead of his time, with highly self-obsessed takes on his role as a songwriter (New Song, Career Choice, End of an Era). It’s like he’s tweeting (or maybe blogging) on CD!

This is my go-to Lee album and a worthy solo-driving album, especially the 18 track version I own (I think it’s the Aussie version).

File under: Worth your recognition

One response to “463. Ben Lee – “Something to Remember Me By”

  1. You’ve underplayed how much Ben’s life has played out like a John Hughes teen fantasy. Where also but in the movies would a bloke with a head like a sackful of hammers somehow manage to bag not just Clare Danes, but then go on to to marry 80s teen movie spunkette Ione Skye (i.e. John Cusack’s focus in Say Anything?

    He gets triple points for the fact that Ione is the ex-wife of a Beastie Boy and also had a fling with a (female) supermodel…

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