464. Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin III”

I like to believe that my reviews are highly scrupulous, and that I am not easily intimidated.

But, when one is 9 hours from home by plane, and one’s beloved warns from said home (via a blog comment no less) that you must give an album a “brilliant review”, one does feel a little compromised.

Of course, I think all my reviews border on brilliance, but not all albums I review do.

I can say I was surprised and intrigued in listening through this third Zep opus.  The band have revealed themselves to be much less rocky and much more exploratory than I first thought. While the album isn’t quite as hit heavy as the previous two, it is much more consistent in sound and quality.

The album has a killer opener in Immigrant Song, with a Robert Plant’s banshee howl one of the best welcome vocals ever:

The following Friends has some signature swirling guitar work, and Celebration Day sounds like the boys have been invited along to some party with Janis Joplin.

There is a welcome absence of much hobgoblin action on here (I’m not sure the vikings above count), but a welcome repeat of the blues tribute schtick with the excellent closer Hats Off to (Roy) Harper which frontporch blues of the highest order (with requisite tincan vocals).

I agree with her indoors that this is the best of the LZ albums thus far, and it is a grower too.

File under: Third time’s no harm

One response to “464. Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin III”

  1. Yes, this is more like it! I do feel like I failed somewhat in our early years of dating if I never taught you to love this album. It’s full of summer, fun and being outdoors. It used to be about beach holidays. Now it’s about bbqs or gardening. I’m just glad you liked it.

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