470. The Lemonheads – “Car Button Cloth”

This is an excellent EP from The Lemonheads…

But unfortunately the three or four quality tracks brought along some stinker friends.

This album could be one of the biggest weapons in the war on drugs, as clearly the Colombian nose candy had really started to wreak havoc on olde Evan by now.

Sure he occasionally still penned a nice little poppy ditty.  If I Could Talk I’d Tell You is a delicate, summery number.  Tenderfoot is the only vaguely rocky track on here to not sound like a dreary grunge c-grader.

It’s not a good sign that the other tracks that aren’t skip-worthy are covers.  Everyone’s favourite ode to violence against woman (Knoxville Girl) reminds us that Dando kinda wants to be Gram Parsons.

The cover of Smudge‘s Outdoor Type is a curious one.  I’ve always loved the original with its clever lyrics about the urbane sense of failed masculinity (and the lies on which a relationship might be built).  The original was refreshingly shambolic and a little dirgy:

The Lemonheads version rips a riff off Billy Bragg, and works very well for Dando’s voice (and image), but somehow leaves me feeling a little cheated:

So does the rest of this album.

File under: Most of these things stank

2 responses to “470. The Lemonheads – “Car Button Cloth”

  1. Hmmm. I always liked this one. Particularly the opening track…but to use an oft muttered phrase around here, I came by these dudes via my wife so I have not listened that closely.

    I notice you do not own the self-titled album released two years ago. I thought that was their most consistent album ever whilst perhaps not having the 1 knock out track that Evan normally delivers.

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