472. The Liquor Giants – “America’s #1 Recording Artists”

I was stunned to discover I own four albums by The Liquor Giants.

I’m guessing most were picked up cheap at the regular Rubber Records sales I attended.

The problem is I can’t distinguish one album from the others.  Hopefully this review process will shed some light.

The LGs are/were purveyors of 60s-style pop of a similar ilk to the work of local band Icecream Hands (click on that link to see further name-dropping comparisons – the easy out of a lazy reviewer such as I).

The main man Ward Dotson (a veteran of several much-praised acts) has a thoroughly well-suited voice for the genre, and this album is a strong collection of tracks.  The production values are excellent and each track is punchy and clean.

The songs are typically upbeat and positive without being cloyingly happy. There isn’t really a standout track. I love the interplay between keys and guitar on Just Might Cry. And I find it hard to avoid singing along to the refrain from (Wanna) Get Drunk With You.

I am startled how little there is to fins from and about these guys on the World Wide Intertubes.  Ward Dotson seems to have disappeared  – anyone got some insight?

Note: this album was called ‘You’re Always Welcome’ in the US – I guess they didn’t think the irony would work…

File under: Quenching a thirst


2 responses to “472. The Liquor Giants – “America’s #1 Recording Artists”

  1. My man, you have hit my sweet spot. I caught up with the liquor giants when they released the self-titled album through Rubber and the majestic Chocolate Clown single. I now own everything including the hard to find “Something Special for the Kids” and the Oz only release “Up With People”.
    A great band. I reckon a lyric from the man himself sums up this band perfectly “God is a black guy from 1963”.

    Yes, they are near absent from the web apart from old mentions on the Madonna owned record label Matador Records. There was a fan site for a few years but I guess the guy got bored and it is deleted. I email Ward Dotson every year to check if a new album is coming out and he says no every year. I got his email address from emailing rubber records from london to ask how I could get “Every Other Day At A Time” which was deleted at that stage. They forwarded it to Ward who emailed me and said he would send me one for $10. A geek thrill.

    Your Ice Cream Hands comparison is a good one as they were his backing band on his only Australian tour (the Liquor Giants line up changes with every record…I think the self-titled is Ward by himself). I went to both nights at the Punters Club. The first night it was me and 11 others. The second night the place was packed because Tim Rogers opened. As another aside “Guys n gurls n guitars” from You Am I’s “#4 Record” gets noted in the liner notes for pinching the bridge form “Chocolate Clown”

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