473. The Liquor Giants – “Here”

Distracted by some work commitments, I have had a few more days than expected with this second of my Liquor Giants CDs.

And what a delightful time we’ve had.  Ward D. and his buddies rock out very consistently here.

The overtly Brit-invasion feel of the prior release is pushed to the side a little here, as the band embrace a more American, energetic sound.

The opening few tracks had me thinking Replacements, but in a more refined, disciplined sense. 67 East 2nd Street got me Google-mapping and planning a walk across a few blocks when I’m in NYC next month.

I love the snarly sarcasm of Everybody’s a Genius (and anthem for most workplaces I’m sure), and the contrast with much more hopeful This Paper Cup.

This is a band with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of quality choruses and subtle variations on a core pop-rock sound.  I remain astounded by my inability to share their excellence with you via any media beyond my inadequate words.

In lieu of a clip of any song from this release, here’s a song I like, from a band I love, that includes the word ‘liquor’ in the title:

File under: A strong, desired presence


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