475. The Liquor Giants – “The Liquor Giants”

How appropriate that this album has a velvet themed cover.

This album evokes a sense of adult sophistication (like the velvet bags that one purchases at the theatre), yet it is playful and textural.

Indeed, the juxtaposition of the single title Chocolate Clown keeps up the sweet, but possibly psychotic theme:

Ahh, so finally I got to share this band’s sound with you. Polished but fresh isn’t it?  (there’s that contrast thing again).  That particular song is the most Buffalo Tom-like on here.

The rest mine the B-band vein of the Beatles and Big Star, with enormous dollops of pop sensibility,jaunty guitar work and luscious yet raw harmonies (all delivered by one-man-show Ward Dotson). Dotson sings more confidently and consistently, and he pens some great lyrics, including rhyming ‘Scott Baio’ with ‘Gallileo’ (of course, those two geniuses are often in the same sentence).

There is much more killer than filler on here.  I find myself humming along to most, and belting out the choruses to $100 Car, Bastanchury Park and the big-rocking Cheap Trick-esque closer which is untitled on the CD, but my iTunes tells me (as does the chorus) is called Hold Tight.

File under: Sweet with a punch

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