476. The Liquor Giants – “Up With The People”

So we come to the end of our Liquor Giants four-play.

It’s been a mighty pleasant journey (if a little tardy). Ward Dotson and co-conspirators have cobbled together a wonderful pastiche of sounds from the 1960s and 1970s into a coherent and entertaining body of work.

This album sees the sound get a lot sunnier and sugary, with a distinctly Brian Wilson feeling, although beneath the heavy harmonising there is a sour bite as Dotson does seems a touch bitter about life (especially on Industry Hookers and All of the Assholes).

It isn’t all Hawaiian shirts and mental problems of course, with excursions into relatively primeval glam-garage rock on Mach Show, and solid power pop on Fifth Wheel Time.

Alas, the drought of LG video clips continues for this release, but I did find this short film build around an excellent track from their previous release:

In closing I will lament again the disappointing failure of the listening public to embrace the pop mastery of the Liquor Giants.  The people have let themselves down…

File under: The populace are revolting

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