478. Lo Fidelity Allstars – “How to Operate with a Blown Mind”

It’s probably about time we re-entered the dance floor to the sound of pounding electronic beats.

This British combo where a yet another (somewhat tangential) member of Big Beat scene who somehow captured some of my wallet attention.

This 1998 collection sits nicely as a more band-like incarnation of Fat Boy Slim. Prodigy-tendencies are thrown into the mix but thankfully bereft of that act’s overarching brattiness.

This is better than most albums from this genre, simply for the diversity of sounds, and the competence with which such jumps are handled.

The floor fillers like Kool Roc Bass are deft and still sound pretty fresh. I particularly like the funky Battle Flag (featuring a Sub-pop acted called Pigeonhed who I had somehow never heard of):

I’m a little torn on the spoken word elements of this album.  Presumably this was all about the integrity of the work and distinguishing this from merely a bunch of dance tracks (and thus also forcing djs to listen closely to find the beats etc).  Unfortunately, the chatting tends towards weird streetwise barrow boy cockney babble and is just distracting.

File under: I’m in two (slightly blown) minds

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