479. Love Me – “Love Me”

This act ranks right up there in terms of obscurity.  Their decidedly non-Googlable moniker renders them pretty much invisible in the cyber world, and there are no sound files or clips that I can find.

What I do know is that the Sydney band featured three vocalists, that on this 1996 album Dave Orwell from Golden Rough was a fulltime member (but, oddly, not a vocalist), and that Tim Rogers was producer. Oh, and that I own their first three albums.

I’m thinking that these guys are also cursing their timing.  They were onto the whole silky-smooth alt-country schtick a good decade before The Audreys. Several tracks on here, such as on the wonderful Dorothea McKellar-adapting Buy Me A Drink and Slipping Asleep, could easily have appeared on the Audreys’ first couple of albums (and would have improved them).

Of the vocalists, Madeleine King has the most mesmerising effect (I think… or is that Mandy Pearson? – damn you iTunes for your lack of liner notes), while the shift between male and female voices works wonderfully.

I have no idea where you could find a copy of this album… but you should try to.  It’s a true nugget of gold-plated harmonica, slide guitar and wistful warm afternoon wonder.

File under: A many splendored thing

One response to “479. Love Me – “Love Me”

  1. You can find a clip of Love Me by putting the combination of love me and white shirt together. Hope you enjoy

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