480. Love Me – “Fuel”

This bloody band really weren’t thinking about their subsequent searchability with their very generic choice of name and album titles.

It’s a shame anonymity has been thrust upon these guys, especially in light of their outstanding debut.

This follow-up doesn’t quite cut it, however, and might as well be judged by its messy and ugly album cover.

The band tone down the twang on this CD. My preferred vocalist, Madeline, seems to get less airtime (and no particularly gripping tunes).  The smoky voice of Mandy doesn’t do it for me, while the dude’s efforts tend to grate (most noticeably on Chestnut Mare, although said track is also the catchiest on here).

There are a few nice moments of violin, but this album somehow sounds more dated than its predecessor, especially in its evocation of all things Go Betweens whenever Tom grabs the mike. That shouldn’t be a bad thing in and of itself, but on tracks like Halfway Heart and Empty Taxi it does just all feel like a second-rate substitute.

I just looked it up and realised Amanda Brown (the wielder of the violin among other string instruments on here) is indeed the Go-Between of said name.  But that doesn’t justify the homage.

File under: Lacks spark


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