481. Love Me – “Jubilee Park”

Thus my short Love Me Fest hits the home straight (and I gird my loins for perhaps the most harrowing (for you my dear reader) extended run of albums from one artist).

This third album has served as a lovely, mellow backdrop to my afternoon of slowly working through a rather drawn out rewrite of a section of an academic paper.

It has performed this role so admirably simply because it is unintrusive, consistent and smoothly produced.  The slide guitar has returned, bringing with it a gentle swaying feel, that snuggles up to the cowgirl singers nicely (and the smoker’s voice of Amanda benefits considerably).

The male vocals are much less Go-Betweens-Lite, instead successfully ploughing melancholy depths on tracks like Stubbs Terrace (although it weirdly seems to be about former Labor minister John Button – perhaps it’s some obscure peaen to his tariff reforms in the auto industry).

As a pretty fully versed Love Me scholar, I’d label this album as their slightly blue period.  I wonder if I should chase up their  album #4 (simply because it IS purchasable). Perhaps they embraced cubism…

File under: At least you can search for this title on Google


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