482. The Lucksmiths – “First Tape”

Sit back folks, we might be here a while.

This is the first from a pile of albums from these three (for now) Melbourne lads.

The Luckas were but awkward teens when they cobbled together this debut album, which I did indeed buy on cassette the very first time I saw them playing support for Tlot Tlot at the Punter’s Club.

This is a very rough and ready set of slightly clumsy, but sweet and well-conceived ditties.  There is much of what would become the band’s signature features – puns, earnestness mixed with a playfulness, snare-based rhythms, Bragg-esque guitar work, and ska-influenced bass lines.

There are some sweet ballads – the powerfully sublime Weatherboard and the well-constructed Tale of Two Cities.

The outrageously silly and catchy and wrong Adolescent Song Of Mindless Devotion was one of the high points of this band’s pop endeavours with its “l-l-love you” chorus and rolling pun to pun set up .

This album should really be seen as auguring much more.  But equally it can be viewed as the most Modern Lovers meets Violent Femmes of the band’s output.

Criminally I can find not a single clip from this era, so will instead jump to the end of their tale with this glimpse of their farewell gig:

And as a special treat, a cover from their frontman:

File under: Stick with them


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