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489. Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

So, I make my much-delayed returned to the blogosphere with the biggest-selling album of ALL-TIME. I  received this CD from MJ’s biggest/oldest fan, Andy, who couldn’t stand that the J reviews were King of Pop-less (and given it was Andy’s 39th birthday last week, this might be seen as a belated pressie).

a album cover michael jackson thirller Thriller25 CD ReviewI have to admit until now (despite Andy’s obsession with it) while I’d heard almost all the tracks as singles, I am not sure I’d ever heard the album in its entirety.

This is a strange beast of an album. Two of the four MJ-penned tracks are out-and-out disco-funk classics – Beat It and Wanna Be Starting Something. This is prodigious stuff that justifies the hype:

The title track is a bit overblown and too drawn out, however. The Girl is Mine is creepier than any zombies or Vincent Price cameos (mainly for Sir Paul’s presence and the lame showtuney interplay).

Of the remainder Billie Jean delights and, to a lesser extent, PYT with its superslick production and a solid bassline.  The rest I find quite forgettable and the album is oddly disjointed. 

However, this 25th anniversary addition does sound fresh (the benefits of remastering?). No doubt the beeps and squeals and beats sounded even ‘newer’ way back when Andy was only 10. The five superfluous bonus remixes highlight the lack of need for any update by lesser lights like w.iLl.i@.M

I’m happy to have this in my collection and did some fancy moonwalking to it last night, but I doubt I’m in the top 50 percent of ‘likers’ among the 100m+ owners thereof.

File under: Some thrills, some spills