494. Lykke Li – “Wounded Rhymes”

No, I haven’t misread the artist’s name… I understand she is a “Li”, but this is a relatively recent purchase and just gets in under the wire before I close up the L shop.

album cover Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes CD Review lukaOur house has a soft spot for Scandinavian poplets, and Lykke Li is the latest additional to our stable.

unfamiliar with her debut, I came to this with an open mind. Immediately, I was struck by the swagger and boisterousness of what could have been a much more twee album.

Li has embraced so many influences that I’d run out of reviewing space if I listed them all.  Of folks we’ve seen around here, Depeche Mode appear front on centre in the rhythms of I follow rivers, while huge chunks of the album evoke the recent efforts of Florence and co:

The album lacks the pomposity of either artist, however, with the vocals staying the right side of operatic (indeed, they manage to both breathy and pure).  The production values on here are very, very high, with a willingness to treble it up so as to embrace some pre-70s garage sound (yet with a very electro feel).

I wouldn’t describe this as a party album, but that’s probably because I don’t tend to go to too many of those soirees with absinthe, candelabras or other such steampunk motifs.

File under: A triage treasure

2 responses to “494. Lykke Li – “Wounded Rhymes”

  1. I called it on it’s release, and it still holds true, I think this is the album of the year. Beautiful, haunting, and rollicking all at once. It’s a must have for 2011.

    • Have you still not picked up that Black Joe Lewis I recommended??

      I’d argue there isn’t a strong enough (i.e. standout) track on here… but it certainly keeps getting airplay around our house!!

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