495. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears – “Tell ’em what your name is!”

One of my three readers mentioned she was missing my reviews, so here I am back again…

Our stay in New York saw us pick up a variety of new CDs from the A-L section.  This here is one of two from an Austin band I’d never heard of before, but can’t seem to stop recommending.

This soul-funk collection takes a fresh, modern approach to some very familiar sounds.  It’s all horns, funky bass, call and responses, shouted choruses and a big, raw vibe.

We caught these guys on stage in NYC and they are absolute crowd-pleasers. It’s not surprising they are becoming festival regulars down under (and elsewhere).  The work is super approachable.  Energy levels are high and happy.

This is the sort of work you could imagine a young James Brown pumping out (there’s even a track with the “please, please…” chorus!), with a little Wilson Pickett thrown in for good measure.

I love the humour and playfulness of this CD, and the swings between slower grooves and the more frenetic.  Here are my two favourite tracks:

File under: Climb onboard this soultrain

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