496. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears – “Scandalous”

This is the album BJL and his sweet furry buddies were showcasing then we caught them live back in May.

It must be a blast having such a brash, party-inducing groovathon to drag around the stages of the world.

This album is bigger and sleazier and even more confident than their last. The riffs are a bit more up-front and the horns are sharper. In essence the album feels louder.

Mr.Lewis sounds a little more ragged, like a slightly weary and exhausted bluesman on the wrong side of a three-week bender, rather than a natty-suited Cee-Lo-esque soulster. That doesn’t step him belting out the tunes however.

The songwriting is appropriate to the genre(s) –  a lot of mentions of “baby”, “booty”, “lyin'” and “lovin'”.  It’s not exactly high literature, but you’ll feel the jukejoints, roadtrips and very late nights right down to your bones.

The scatting on the opener works perfectly with the horn-heavy groove:

And once the lads invite us all along to the magical town of Booty City, I start to wonder why this album isn’t compulsory listening for all red-blooded humans:

File under: Should be making more headlines than corduroy pillowcases






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