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500. Beastie Boys – “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two”

It is appropriate that I should hit the much-delayed five-zero-zero with an album which was also tardy, numerically inclined, and from an act who’ve been occupying a very high possie on my all-time rankings since way back.

album cover a CD Review  Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part Two 2Even more exciting is that this album is a welcome return to form from an act who I felt had gone off the boil.

Despite looking like crusty old bastards, the trio have clearly supped from some magic youth-rejuvenating potion.

The album takes a thankful glance over the shoulder to a simpler time of MCing. The beats are both tinny and fat.  The effects and samples feel like they were patched together in an analogue world, and I personally feel like I’m in a happier, simpler time.

The humour doesn’t seem forced. The name-dropping (Lee Majors, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam amongst many) will have anyone under the age of about 38 scratching their head, yet it’s hard to imagine anyone not feeling the urge to throwthemselves around and to party for their MFing right to fight!

While the album is startlingly coherent, my only real criticism is the lack of an absolute killer single (other than the celeb-heavy clip above goes damn close)… but I wanna hear everything on here again.

File under: No hidden agenda

Bonus for the 500th review: the extended 30 min version of the above clip (with much more silliness and a few more famous folks):