501. Drive-By Truckers – “Go-Go Boots”

One major disappointment on arriving in NYC was discovering these guys had played there the week before.  I bought this latest effort as consolation.

Revisiting my old reviews I am struck by my wavering views of the band’s consistency. In many ways that sums up my response to this album

At its best, this album matches the grimy storytelling of ‘Dirty South’, especially on the title track and Used to be a Cop. But the remainder of the saga about a licentious preacher murdering his wife and running off with a pole-dancer is a mess and way too forced. The pivotal track The Fireplace Poker is meandering, unenergetic and just plain frustrating.

The band redeems itself, however, on the overtly country Cartoon Gold and the downright acidic Weakest Man:

Those two acoustic videos of Mike Cooley doing his thang highlight one of the three reasons I keep going back to the DBT well – his voice.  It is irresisitable, as is the energy when the bang gets up a head of steam (the third prompt to purchase is the damn cover art which captures my eye like a bright shiny object).

Now, I just wish the band would show some goddamn discipline.

File under: Sexy at times, but often uncomfortable

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