507. Madder Rose – “Bring it Down”

If you’ve been wondering why it’s been so damn quiet around here, a few weeks ago I jumped in a Delorean and zoomed back to the early 1990s where I have been trapped listening to this here album.

a album cover a Madder Rose Bring it On hey rose blog onealbumaday CD ReviewWhat a delightful trip it’s been.  The album is some hybrid of so many wonderful things from this time when my hair was long, my waist smaller and belly taut.

This band evoke the guitar work of the more poppy Cure work while also sounding a little Sonic Youth-y. The rhythms could be Buffalo Tom, while the vocals bridge the (admittedly narrow) BreedersDonellyHatfield divide.

The latter lass could easily ‘sub in’ for Mary Lorson at any point, although the latter has the better song-writing chops.  The lyrics are less bratty and self-effacing.

As debuts go this is a ripper.  The band even have the audacity to build the album around a track which is a veritable theme song – Swim – with its “Hey, Rose, Hey Madder” chorus:

I love that this album manages not just the ‘small room’ sway-ey numbers, but also the screaming numbers like Lay Down Low.

And I love that I dialed the “New York 1993” code to rediscover this gem. You should too.

File under: Bring it back


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