509. Magic Dirt – “What are Rock Stars Doing Today”

In yesterday’s post I uttered the phrase ‘ear worm’.  This here album from Geelong rockers Magic Dirt contains one of the most cerebrally invasive tracks in my collection.

The release of said song prompted me to finally buy a Dirt longplayer, despite having seen them around for years.

The song in question, of course, is the irresistable Dirty Jeans. I found my attachment to the song (and the similar adoration of many other folks) a little to hard to explain.  It’s a pretty straightforward rock track with a rather silly chorus and premise:

But, in many ways, that is the essence of good rock.  And this band has all the right ingredients.  Strong riffs, driving basslines and rhythms and a frontwoman who is irrepressible.

Indeed, Adalita’s vocal endeavours are what captivates both on this track and across the whole album.  She carries a song better than pretty much anyone on the Aussie scene, and has unmistakable timing and oomph.

While struggling to outshine the denim number, there are enough tracks on here (Pace it, Superglu, City Trash) to ensure I went back to the well for more tunes in subsequent years.

But let’s hear that big track one more time:

File under: Doing what they do best

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