510. Magic Dirt – “Tough Love”

I have never made the connection before, but Adalita the frontwoman of Magic Dirt may be the Chrissy Amphlett of her generation.

A little research tells me that like Adalita, Amphlett hails from Geelong.  Both are forthright rock chicks. And as becomes apparent on this album, Adalita, like Chrissy, is certainly comfortable discussing her personal stimulatory activities.

On both Plastic Loveless Letter and the standout track here, GirlBoy, Ms. Srsen regales us with tales of masturbation, no doubt titillating (and/or intimidating) many a teenage listener:

That track is a real ripper, encapsulating pretty much everything that appeals about this act.  It’s punchy, honest, fun without being cheesy, and, to repeat the line above, a bit intimidating. Moreso than Amphlett, its seems worth aspiring to be part of the storyline of these songs.

This album is stronger than the predecessor, with greater variations across the 13 tracks. While the pop sensibility is still there, the songs vary much more in tempo. On one we get some veritable beat poetry, while Brat is thee closest to a jam track I can recall from the usually concise combo.

All in all, one of the very best things to come out of sleepy hollow.

File under: Tougher than George Smilovic, Sexier then the Divinyls

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