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511. Magic Dirt – “Snow White”

I was disappointed relistening to this 2005 release from Geelong’s finest.

This is one of those albums were there is too much polish.  The energy and spontaneity of earlier releases seems absence, and the band appears to be trying too hard for the catchiness that permeated a couple of tracks on the preceeding two albums.

Perhaps I should be looking at the album through more of a Clouds-like lens (as that is very much the sound on the title track). Indeed the sound so un-grungy by the time we get to I love the rain that I’m starting to wonder whetherthis is a Candle Records act. Tracks that would have been the pop gem elsewhere become the ‘rock-out’ effort here:

This certainly not a stinker of an album, and if I’d stumbled upon it unaware of the band I may well have been been quite enamoured.  I suspect I would then have be pretty shocked if I’d caught the band in the live arena, as the pop vibe was never this overt and the vibe was so much grimier.

As it is, this is where the band and I parted ways… an amicable breakup of sorts.

File under: Call me grumpy… or Dopey