512. The Magic Numbers – “The Magic Numbers”

When this release popped up back in 2005, I delighted at its freshness and, dare I say it, whimsy.

Album cover Magic Numbers debut album blog onealbumaday CD reviewHere were an act that were a complete throwback to ’60s flower-power pop (i.e. Mamas and Pappas), lovingly produced. It was basically seduction by harmony – an overwhelming cascade of familially connected male-female vocals.

I caught the band live (at a Big Day Out) and revelled in their hirsute, rotund dorkiness and mastery of their craft.

So listening back to this album over the past few weeks, I was very surprised at the patchy, and ultimately underwhelming, content of this debut release.

It kicks off in fine form.  The opening three tracks are the revelations I remember, teetering on the (right) edge of twee, but sufficiently energetic to have me singing along in a faltering falsetto:

Alas, the album than loses all momentum and just seems to drag and drag, with a stuttering mess of underdone, slovenly tunes.

There are some glimmers of the promise, and reminders into what works best for this pair of siblings, most notably on the gorgeous I see, you see me:

In essence, this could be one of the finest EPs in recent times.  Instead, due to padding, it’s a bloated debut that only hints at promise.

File under: Five (tracks) is the magic number

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