513. The Magic Numbers – “Those the Brokes”

Like much of the world who fawned over their debut, I have paid a lot less attention to this sophomore effort from I Numeri Magicali.

It’s a shame because this is a much more complete and satisfying set of tunes.

Sure it never quite hits the same heights, but it is a somewhat more muscular, relaxed effort with greater consistency.

The band is still only just this side of B&S and the Luckas in terms of tweeness, but there is sufficient energy and pop sensibility to keep me interested. I’m even willing to accept the overly lengthy track times (3 songs are 6 mins+!), as there is enough to keep my attention.

The band is also a little more adventurous here, with an excursion into soulfulness (of a decidedly ‘white’ ilk) on Undecided:

In the end, I guess my call is that I dig what these guys do when they get it right, but like anything sickly sweet, it can be a little hard on the teeth and general demeanour when overdone.

File under: Going for break

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