What’s this all about?

I have accumulated a hell of a lot of CDs and records over the past 20 years or so. I listen to some of them on any given day. But so many of them sit on the shelf gathering dust. This Blog reflects my resolution to give each of them a listen again.

As of January 5, 2009 I pledge to listen to and then review one album from my collection every day until I’ve listened to all of them.

stereo1On my calculations I reckon I’ve got 1200+ albums in my collection, so this could take me almost 4 years (!).

So here is how it will all work:

– At least one review a day, in alphabetical order by artist

– Interspersed with vinyl LP reviews on the weekend (as the turntable is at home)

– And occasional forays into compilation albums

– I am unlikely to keep up the daily posts when travelling, but will try and keep up the listening and reviewing and bulk post on my return

– I will keep a running list of my faves

rack– Any new purchases that would have been covered already (on the basis of alphabet) will be reviewed some time later (at least one month after purchase)

– No review will be longer than 200 words.

Oh, and if you are wondering who I am, I am a Melbourne-based academic in his late 30s with pretty eclectic tastes and a new-found interest in blogging. I also maintain a business blog here.

37 responses to “What’s this all about?

  1. this is am amazing idea and quite a task, neverending i imagine as the collection grows!
    looking forward to the week of steve earle, the week of you am i, the fortnight of lucksmiths and the jonathan richman month

  2. Long may Basement Jaxx remain in the Top Ten

  3. This is an awesome idea! I found you by chance in searching for a Beck album cover image…I’ll look forward to reading your reviews and good luck on your project!

  4. I can’t wait till you get some of the ones you are too embarrassed to tell people you bought….. like Tiffany “I think I’m alone now….”

    …i am sure there are more…. which may be therapeutic to re-listen to…

  5. Hey, that’s a pretty good idea ! good luck 🙂

  6. This is very cool.
    You have a bit of work do buddy.
    Keep it up.
    Can I send you the artwork for “The Apathy Sessions?”
    Nice Wilkins & Kent CD rack, by the way….

  7. That’d be fantastic Milo… good to see ya at Napier last week… Look forward to a Junta show sooner rather than later.

  8. good idea. I am going through my CD collection too. Although, mine is only 400 cds.

  9. Great idea. I’ve been kind of doing the same thing on my facebook page. I run and listen to a different album each day while doing so. It evokes images in the mind while I’m in the zone. I post those thoughts.

    Best of luck on your endeavor to get through your catalog.

  10. As you can see I’m using the same “cutline” theme for our wordpress site. In addition to being very intrigued by your site and excited to start reading your reviews, I also am interested in how you’re doing certain things technically on the site. How did you set up the star ratings feature? How are the avatars created in the sidebar? any other info about the customization of this theme would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the work!!

  11. This is such a cool idea!! I hope when I grow up I still like music enough to be able to do something like this. What an awesome endeavor. I stumbled upon this blog (or shall I say experiment?) when I was searching for album covers for my itunes. I will eternally love this for introducing me to the audreys, if nothing else (although I’m sure I will find much, much more). I will certainly keep tabs on this.

  12. It is hoped that aside from the newly found Blogging interest, you both sound like there’s a love for music somewhere in there with all the CD’s.

    Music has been a seed from my youth, a blessing, a curse, a profession and a trusted friend. My father was a recording engineer and from the age of six, I knew what I wanted to be! No one explains to you the struggles involved but I did become a recording engineer and with it continue to assemble quite a globally diverse music library. Most, digitally remastered with some DVD-A and box-sets and as music go’s Out-of-Print, some can obtain much value. In your efforts to gain reasonable control over your collection, you may wish to also audit its value as some CD’s can become well over $100.

    I have found a wide berth between spouses’ genera choices, which are simply the nature of things.
    I solute your courageousness and wish you and yours the best 🙂

  13. My God! it’s 2010 – where has the time gone;
    working on our CD no doubt…

  14. what fun! A project that positively REQUIRES you to nerd out with your record collection. Of course if I did this I would have to throw out all those ‘music for the cocktail hour’ and ‘greatest film soundtracks’ type lp’s I seem to accumalate for fear of having to listen to them all the way through…

  15. This is so cool. I stumbled upon this blog after googling “Ryan Adams Heartbreaker” for an image for my iTunes collection. I haven’t had the chance to browse through everything yet, but I am most certainly already a follower. Good luck!

  16. Enjoying the blog, wonder if there is any music from your neighbours across the ditch coming up?!


  17. Hi there. Randomly found your blog when searching for a Detroit Cobras album cover. Funny thing is I just started a blog a couple months ago doing basically the same thing! My methods are far less orderly than yours (I’m just reviewing what I feel like, in no particular order). But I’m glad to see someone else has the same dilemma and reached the same conclusion. I look forward to reading about your listening adventures.

  18. Great idea for a blog! Good luck on the reviewing 🙂 🙂

  19. Fantastic idea, thought about doing that myself but just for the listening – great to see the excellent Buffalo Tom “Let Me Come Over” album at number 4, that’s definately in my top 5

  20. I started doing this myself on NYD, for exactly the same reason, and in my search for album covers came across this site.

    Looking forward to following it from here on out.

    Coincidentally i’m from Melbourne too 🙂

  21. Stumbled onto your blog. Nice concept and well written!

  22. Holding my breath for a bit of Fischer- Z…….

  23. Hi,

    When I found out about your site, you could have knocked me down with a feather…

    My wife and I (known as Mine and YourZ on our site) started a very similar project to yours at the beginning of this year. Our tag is:

    “One couple, two points of view, 365 days of music reviews”

    Our is a little different in that we are constantly revolving through our collection, using a ‘pointy stick and blindfold’ method of selection. So far, we’re both enjoying the challenge immensely.

    I am looking forward to going through the reviews you’ve done so far. We’re going to link your blog on our site. Check it out and let us know what you think.


    Mark (YourZ)

  24. hi. i’ve decided to bookmark your blog on my browser. looking forward to checking in daily :]

  25. I wish you luck! And congratulations for the idea.

  26. Lookin’ forward to finding some new albums from ya. Love that The Black Keys Rubber Factory is number one at the moment. The new album Brothers is pretty killer too, can’t stop listening to it!

  27. Nice idea. Good luck with the project. I’m on a similar, les frequent album reviewing schedule myself. Just 1 a week tho. 🙂

  28. Great Idea… Has inspired us to try more music and re-live old favourites. Thanks

  29. You really nail the reviews, I’m subscribing!

  30. Nice idea. Stumbled across you blog while working on my own. Review an album for every year I’ve been alive. You idea is a lot of work.


  31. Hey! Recently I’ve been awarded Versatile Blogger Award and as I really like your blog, I’m passing it to you 🙂

  32. What a great idea for a blog! I hope you have some queen i there 😉

  33. I’ve been surfing the web to see if there are people out there kind-of blogging about the same stuff as I am. And here I find your blog! You have a great collection – look forward to seeing what you listen to every day!

  34. Great idea for a blog, definitely worth following and looking into!

  35. great page, love what you’re doing and how fresh you are keeping it, keep it up!

  36. Just wanted to say kudos. Had a blast browing through the archives. I’ve been going A to Z and back again for 15 years or so, bringing in one a day to various workplaces. I used to write mini reviews as an email signature and these days it’s on a music page on Facebook http://www.YerDoinGreat.com . Accidentally found you lookin for Ben Lee stuff as I’m on the L’s. Cheers!

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