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434. Angelique Kidjo – “Parakou”

I don’t think I’d heard this CD before today. It presumably belongs to my much more cultured missus.

I’m guessing this is the only CD from a Beninese performer in our collection. I feel doubly worldly and hip for this being her much under-acknowledged solo debut from 1990.

I have no idea what she’s singing about (or even in what language).  It’s so cleanly produced it could be the soundtrack to some mid-80s Hollywood c-movie about hijinks at an exotic beach resort.

But she does have a lovely voice, nice modulation and the songs bounce along.

This ain’t exactly a CD I’d throw on regularly, but it’s got a certain sunshineyness that I might enjoy with a cocktail on our balcony some early evening.

And in a link to my previous review she seems to honour an underrated Aussie test cricketer Greg Blewett on Blewu, as well as a tennis great on Agossi. In light of this, I’m happy to declare her as Benin’s Paul Kelly…

File under: Uncage this African songbird