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400. Charlie Hunter Trio – “Bing! Bing! Bing!”

We hit an auspicious number with a jaunty set of numbers from a hep cat named Charlie.

Mr.Hunter came to my attention as a one-time, part-time Disposable Hero, where he delivered some cracking guitar lines that broke throw the industrial beats of said outfit.

A little research tells me often plays guitars with extra strings (but not quite banjos or harps), and can do tricky things where he plays lead and rhythm at the same time.  I suspect he can also pat his head while also rubbing his stomach.

Such feats could be seen as pure novelty, but he seems to also a lot of that talent stuff.

This album is a collection of instrumental tracks, and Mr.Hunter grants centre stage to his horn-player Dave Ellis on most tracks, with the guitar work often back there laying a damn fine understated groove.

When he does step into the spotlight, such as on the Hawaiian-influenced  Fistful of Haggis,  it is certainly awe-inspiring.Even the somewhat chessy Nirvana cover (Come as You Are) bears repeated listens.

This is jazz without too much of the self-indulgence or skivvy wearing.  But don’t take my word for it, check out this promo thingie:

File under: It’s great mate, woof.