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Sorted for Es

The letter E proved to be a short stop on our journey through the alphabet. Only 28 albums to listen to (yet it took my 44 days!).  It was a very male, and rather rural collection.  Here was the top 10:

  1. Steve Earle – “El Corazón”
  2. Eminem – “The Slim Shady LP”
  3. Eels – “Electro-Shock Blues”
  4. Justin Townes Earle – “Midnight at The Movies”
  5. Fred Eaglesmith – “Tinderbox”
  6. Justin Townes Earle – “The Good Life”
  7. Eels – “Beautiful Freak”
  8. Steve Earle – “Copperhead Road”
  9. Eminem – “Encore”
  10. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Primary Colours”

So, we move onto F.  The first piece of recorded material is not an album, but the 12″ single version of this track:

I’m sure I once owned the follow-up album by said artist (on cassette) but strangely chose to dispose of it (perhaps realising its female deterrent effect).  Sadly, I just learnt that Falco died in 1998, and that “at the time of his death, he was planning a monumental comeback”. Music’s loss for sure…