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181. Consolidated – “Friendly Fa$cism”

“I think crusading rap guys are a real downer”.  That is one of the many sampled quotes from the open mic at Consolidated’s live shows (typically held on US college campuses).

Album Cover friednly fascism fa$cism consolidated friendlyThat comment sums up much of the problem with this album (which was actually released earlier than the previously reviewed effort).

There is a completely lack of humour or shade on this collection.  Every single issue makes these blokes angry, and their resultant diatribes lack any appreciation for subtlety in argument or context.

This might be fine and dandy if the music were interesting, but this release lacks any particularly hook-driven compositions.  While the beats are still strong, the inclusion of the intermittent concert quotes are not overly pleasant listening, and certainly don’t encourage repeated plays. 

There is a reason why “Vox Pops”, “Protest Speeches” and “Stats-heavy Diatribes” are not typical categories in your local record store (remember them?). They are no fun to listen to.

File under: With friends like these, I need alcohol…