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G, that was fast

In the blink of an eye, the letter G has been knocked off in our journey towards Z. This was the fastest letter so far, with 37 reviews in 36 days. See what happens when I finish teaching.

G was a revelation. It doesn’t get as much attention in my life as it should (the perils of being bottom shelf on that particular rack). The Top 10 shows a very strong Aussie flavour with 7/10 CDs local treasures.

  1. Gersey – “Hope Springs”
  2. Grandview – “Room 15”
  3. Golden Rough – “This Sad Paradise”
  4. The Guild League – “Private Transport”
  5. The Guild League – “Inner North”
  6. Gossip – “Music for Men”
  7. Gossip – “Standing in the Way of Control”
  8. Mary Gauthier – “Mercy Now”
  9. The Grates – “Gravity Won’t Get You High”
  10. Gersey – “Storms Dressed As Stars”

I’m gonna do a bit of housekeeping (i.e. a few reviews of recent purchases and albums I spotted on the vinyl and compilation shelves from A-F) before diving into H. I can tell you that this artist will be one of the early subjects in H-land (but not this song which is off an EP):

349. Grandview – “Room 15″

Sometimes the obscurity of some CDs in my collection makes me want to cry.

This may well be the perfect case in point. This little collection of sweet ditties gets very frequent airplay in our house, but has dropped off the musical radar otherwise (I can find not a single sample song for you guys to drool over anywhere on the Interwebs).

This duo popped into my world one day at the old Rob Roy hotel, playing support for some Candle band, and I was blown away. This is a hard reaction to acheive when you’re justtwo blokes on acoustic and steel guitars (and occasional harmonica) singing Simon & Garkfunkel-style harmonies, but that’s what Tim and Trent managed to do.

Tim I’ve reviewed before, while Trent was a Melnik I believe (so look out for a review of his back catalogue in about 2 years time!).

The album weaves a magical storyline of musicians seeking a better, more relaxing, and (dare I say it) harmonious life, and includes some outrageously touching and smirk-worthy lines (e.g. “spent half my savings drinking goodbye”).

This country-tinged gem warms my heart and lifts my spirits each and every time I spin it, and every person on Earth should own a copy.

Indeed, I am willing to part with a superfluous sampler version of this CD (which is in many ways better as it doesn’t include the couple of less-inspired tracks on here) to the person who leaves the most appealing comment over the next week – mailing cost free..

File under: A sweet suite