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297. The Fauves – “Lazy Highways”

Earlier this month I caught two performances by the reunited US 90s indie icons Pavement.

Immersed as I am now in The Fauves back catalogue, I have been comparing the fortunes of the two bands.

Pavement were received with justified adulation at both shows, and their albums are widely available and showered in praise.  The songs therein tread a neat line between obtuse, sarcastic and overly verbose on one hand, and ridiculously infectious on the other.

The Fauves share Pavement’s musical ying and yang balancing act, although with less angular noodly tendencies and a bit more straight ahead rock.  But, you pretty much can’t buy their back catalogue from anywhere other than the band themselves, and this millenium’s youth couldn’t discern them from Adam.

It really is a travesty.  This album, for example,content is flush with clever and catchy content: comic-book self-improvement (The Charles Atlas Way), Costanza philosophy (Don’t Give Me The It’s Not You It’s Me), a trucking song (Long Load), and a treatise on the merits of Jon Bon Jovi (Campfire King of Course).

And where Pavement mocked the stadium rock of the Stone Temple Pilots et al, The Fauves have a more loving view of Australia’s rock festival history:

File under: Praise thee for your fly ways