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350. The Grates – “Gravity Won’t Get You High”

The Grates popped on to my CD shelf in a very Gossip-like fashion.

They too had an enormous breakout single that was on permanent rotation in my skull for months.

The outrageously energetic and raucous 19-20-20 is irresistable in its silliness:

The Grates are one of those bands that make me wish I was younger and more agile. Jumping around to these guys and basking in their enthusiasm would have been just the ticket back in my more skinny days.

The Brisbanites take Karen O vocal stylings and add a zaniness and playfulness that sits the right side of forced. The grooves are party-worthy, the choruses infectious and fun to sing along too.

The weakness is the hit and miss nature of it. The weak songs on here are just irritating (e.g. opener I Won’t Survive).

But the winners are ample compensation. Not many debuts have such strong tracks as Inside Outside, Science is Golden, Trampoline and Lies.

This is perfect walking-to-work music (it’ll make you smile on the mopiest of mornings). It sucks as background music for proofreading a report however.

I love the energy of these guys so much I’ve embedded three clips instead of the usual maximum of one.

File under: Patience is golden