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471. Les Savy Fav – “Root for Ruin”

A few years ago we celebrated my missus’ 30th birthday with a trip to New York City.  We squeezed in a few well-planned gigs while there (The Black Keys and Crowes), plus a randomly selected show on the NYU campus which was headlined by this punk combo.

The show was a nice rush of energetic stagemanship. The frontman had us in the palm of his sweaty hands, while waves of guitars washed over us.

This album (a recent-ish gift from my bro – thanks) captures a lot of that experience, while also revealing a more nuanced musicality to what seemed a bit of a mess on stage.

This is clever, catchy US style postpunk (think Fugazi but without much fuzz).  This would sit very well alongside Modest Mouse, Death Cab…, or dare I invoke the borderline godly, Pixies?

There are some very strong tracks on here, and a welcome consistency in quality (as opposed to my last couple of reviewed CDs).  High and Unhinged has a well-balanced anthemic quality (for this genre):

(Sorry for the average banter of the first 2 mins of so there – Oh, I’m talking about the clip – this review is all sub-par!)

This album has got me excited enough to want to explore more in the back catalogue.  And to hope that show at NYU will happen again when we visit next month!

File under: I suspect they are using ‘root’ in the US fashion