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165. The Chemical Brothers – “Brothers Gonna Work It Out”

I’m torn on whether to designate this as a CB’s album or “various artists”.  It is a compilation of (mainly) other artists’ tracks, but the duo mix and augment these efforts to such a large extent that it becomes much bigger than merely a sum of the parts.

Album Cover The Chemical Brothers Brothers Gonna Work It OutThe album is a high tempo, raucous melding of old and new, from 70s funk, to the Chemical Bros’ own crunching electronic concoctions. 

As I played this in my office on Friday, anyone walking past might have expected to see a full-blown fiesta going on.

Partying is what this album is all about, and if you’re feeling a little lazy it will certainly substitute for a DJ very adequately.  The set is well-constructed, with sufficient lulls where you could you spark up a conversation with a likely lad(y), and then the required return of rhythms to drown the rejection.

The song selections are a testament to the duo’s key influences and contemporaries, including Meat Beat Manifesto, Renegade Soundwave and Love Corporation.  

Worth noting is the thematic nature within parts of the “set”, such as the interplanetary lyrics sampled around the Mars Needs Women sample.  It all adds to the fun.

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