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191. The Cranberries – “No Need to Argue”

Cranberries reportedly help to protect you against various sorts of cancer and also urinary tract infections. And they taste quite nice.

Album Cover Cranberries the no need to argueI’m not sure said band’s music has such powers. It certainly isn’t obvious from listening along.

As with their debut effort, this album stomps through some well-trodden terrain, certainly for rock outfits of the Gaelic persuasion. There’s some slightly Celtic rhythms, that jangly, over-micced guitar, plus the somewhat ethereal vocal stylings.

The hit tracks here are stronger. Ode to My Family and Zombie have that certain contagiousness that no doubt had the band’s label wetting themselves with delight back in the day (as they envisaged their dominance of AOR airwaves for decades to come).

The latter tune attempts to shed some insights (in an arty way) on the futility of the ‘Troubles’ in the Emerald Isle. Alas, it does not capture my attention much at all or reveal anything of interest. The only positive impact it has is to remind me of the film Shaun of the Dead which was loads more fun than this album.  Here’s a cool clip I find setting scenes from that film to some dancey track:

File under: I’m arguing that this album isn’t worth owning