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155. Kasey Chambers – “Wayward Angel”

A wise Australian leader once labelled a Northern neighbour “recalcitrant” for not doing what he was told.

Album Cover Kasey Chambers Wayward AngelI fire the same accusation at Ms. Chambers for not heeding my reviews.

This album is indeed wayward, as Chambers drifts away from mining her most lucrative seam (i.e. true old-school country) and instead explores some rather barren land over in that very bland new-country region.

So again we hear slow-paced, over-played middle-of-the-road fare.

You may have noted little discussion of Kasey’s hit singles from previous albums. I tend to find said tunes to be the more obvious and superficial offerings from her songbook. Here she flips the form again, as the songs with filmclips off here are the best of a mediocre bunch.

I have a big soft spot for the silliness of Pony as it plays to the girly-ness of Chambers’ voice (or should that be plays up?). And the faux yodelling is a nice touch. Similarly, Hollywood works in a painfully obvious fashion.

My sense of this album is that Chambers is pandering to the core of her audience – tweens and mums – and neglecting the ten-gallon hat crowd. And we’re not gonna stand for gaddamit!!

File under: Missing Mephistopheles