484. The Lucksmiths – “What Bird Is That?”

I distinctly remember my excitement at the release of this 3rd full-lengther from the Luckas.

This may well have been the peak of my enthusiasm for this band as a live outing, and I suspect most of the tracks were pretty familiar to me by the time I heard them on here.

As such, often the quirkier and difficult-to-play-live tracks tended to get the most attention.

On here that was probably the sway-worthy Snug, the blink-and-you-miss-it Jennifer Jason, and the silly Off With His Cardigan.

In the clear light of hindsight, it is the big inner suburban indiepop gems that shine now.

Track after track on here could form the soundtrack for a series of montages in some low-budget, slacker fest.  A Housewarming, a tramride (Day in the City) , some park shenanigans (Frisbee), an airport scene (Twenty Two), and then some Mini golf (Putt Putt), it’s all there for the taking:

This felt like a time when the band would never run out of ideas.  I introduced a variety of folks to this band over the time, and most came away smiling at tales of librarians (“with the heart of Danielle Steel“), and sad bastards who sit around all day in Carlton pubs (Macintyre).

File under: Worth at least two in the bush

One response to “484. The Lucksmiths – “What Bird Is That?”

  1. You forgot to mention that Shine On Me is the greatest song ever written!

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