75. The Black Keys – “Rubber Factory”

A very long-running gag amongst a few mates and I is to interrupt anyone starting a story “I woke up this morning…” with a verbal approximation of a blues guitar riff.

the-black-keys-rubber-factory-album-coverOf course, this springs from the tendency of old-time bluesmen to start many a lament in such a way. 

Therefore, it always thrills me when Dan and Pat unleash just such a pairing on Grown So Ugly (and follow through with a truly brilliant tune).  It is a shame that this is track #8, not #1. Having said that, the opening couple of tracks (When the Lights Go Out and 10AM Automatic) are on par.

Indeed, this album lacks for any filler.  The great tracks just keep coming. Stack Shot Billy and Girl is On Mind showcase the Keys sound perfectly. 

This is the long player where these guys really come into their own.  The vocals are given just a little more clarity than on their previous two albums, the guitar is crisper and the drums feel alive.  I love how Patrick creates so much more than mere persussion on the kit. I swear he’s playing riffs on them cymbals.

All hail the new kings.

File under: There is power in this factory…

4 responses to “75. The Black Keys – “Rubber Factory”

  1. I heart the Black Keys. This was my first Keys album and ever since I have been addicted. Stack Shot Billy is my fav 😉 It’s unbelievable live.

  2. I’m not sure this is their stand out effort. I prefer Magic Potion.

  3. The Black Keys are phenominal… I agree with Amanda, Stack Shot Billy is great.

  4. my favourite: strange desire off magic potion. i’m listening to “stack shot billy” right now…

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