314. Liz Flynn – “Stitches”

A genuine peril and dilemma when you see a reasonable amount of live music is when you get the “you’ve gotta see my friend play” call, especially if it’s a CD launch and you could get lumped with a pity purchase that’ll pollute your collection for years to come.

Ms. Flynn entered my life in just such a fashion, being a good buddy of a mutual Melbourne friend. Said friend has a very strong preference for acoustic female singer-songwriters, and I certainly haven’t adored all of them.

But here she’d backed a winner.  Liz has a powerful, pure voice that she utilises in an understated manner (i.e. now Idol-esque gymnastics).  She pens tunes that a personal and emotive, but with sufficient light and twists to not feel overwrought.

The cherry on top is that it isn’t just strummed guitar underneath, but, rather, some nice rhythms on bass and drums, and some tinkly accoutrements.

This particular collection is chock full of quality tracks (Happy, Beauty and Stitches are my current faves). It is a sad indictment on radio etc that Liz hasn’t had anywhere near the impact of similar locals like The Waifs and Lisa Mitchell.

File under: Put the needle on the record (well, it’s actually a CD, but the pun stands)

One response to “314. Liz Flynn – “Stitches”

  1. loved the review 🙂 I have got new songs, I’m just not sure what to do with them, but after reading your words, maybe I should send them to you??!!! Hello to Cat too, I always liked seeing you guys at my gigs… At harpy’s now for a flying visit to Melbourne. If you’re ever in Qld let me know, I’m trying to convince all my friends to come up for a weekend.
    take care hey, Liz 🙂

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