Daily Archives: January 5, 2009

1. Abdoujaparov – “Djamolidine”

Appropriately the first album to burst out of the starting blocks bears the moniker of a notorious sportsman – Uzbeki cyclist Djamolidine Abdoujaparov. Thankfully he isn’t singing here, but rather its Fruitbat (a.k.a Les Carter) from UK indie-punk favourites Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine (to be reviewed in a few months time).

abdoujaparov1If you’ve heard the work of Carter, this CD will come as no surprise at all. It is a similar formula – crunching rhythm guitar driving a late 70s punk sound + clever lyrics. It turns out this album is a compilation of the band’s first 3 EPs, and as a result it does jump genres pretty regularly. It probably made sense to go fast track, slow track, fast track, quirky track on a 4 track EP, but doing it 3 times starts to get a bit grating.

This CD was one I purchased cheap on a whim somewhere and had probably only listened to a couple of times before today.

Will I revisit it? Quite possibly… if nothing else because the ode to the eponymous Tashkent Terror is a ripper.

The album isn’t anywhere near Carter at their best, but it isn’t going to finish last in this Tour of my collection.

File under: Mis-guided cycle punk